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SteamWorld Dig 2 1.1 – A platform mining adventure game

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  • Explore an alien habitat in The Dig.
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SteamWorld Dig

Autumn Potato Salad Vegan. Cashew Kale Caesar Vegan. Sheet Tray Carrots New Vegan. Three Beet Salad New Vegan. Avocado Vegan. Sauces Housemade Sriracha. The mines are not going to dig themselves! Grab a pickaxe, fresh pair of shoes and start diggen'! Dig as deep as you can to collect shiny gems and treasures!

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  • SteamWorld Dig DMG Cracked for Mac Free Download.

Challenge your friends and see who can dig the deepest! Use your traps and weapons to give yourself a few more precious seconds. Rush through the endless underground mines and become the best treasure hunter! We would love to hear from you. Delve deep into Grandpa' memories of the time when one had to have a great wit to collect diamonds and kill monsters — Complete the event and win a unique character!

Love this game. Easy to play and gives me the wind down I need at the end of the day to zone out. When collecting energy refills it'd be nice if it accumulated thru out the game. I'd be happy with fewer of them if it kept adding instead of just refilling.

Can you dig it?

Then what ever level you are at it just starts you there when playing. I've noticed it mentioned in a couple posts that there's a glitch you'll get stuck in a rock or you won't be able to move then somehow you just die.

The ads are annoying and constant like you need to watch an ad to earn like anything. Anyway this feature can go away. Seriously would buy this game if it got rid of the ads! Still Over all I've recommended this game to several people because it's just enough of a challenge without being complicated.

Also thanks for not requiring it to be hooked to you FB account I don't need to bug my friends just to play. Dear Customer! Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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