Mobileme email not working on mac

Your Apple ID will then forever primarily be recognised by its iCloud address but also by its other registered email address. You may change the address to which Apple sends you email, but you can never check out of the iCloud Mail hotel. The me. I think that is a great domain. Anyway from the article it sounds like you can have both icloud and me emails, then you can use either you want for iCloud and Apple login. Yes this is a big perk to the iCloud. I skipped it initially thinking why bother I have my Gmail, but then I realized that with iCloud. Lots of data on the web site which is great for Mavericks Mac and Windows and Android users!

Or can you? All the cool kids have an me.

This is an article about making an iCloud email address, not system naming conventions. Do you need an iCloud email address? Might be helpful. Habernathy, you forget the iron rule of internet comments! Commenters on the internet generally take two forms: trolls who want to rant about something off topic and derail the subject matter, or ranters who rant about the topic in a largely incoherent manner.

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If MobileMe suddenly stops working on the Mac - Mac OS X Hints

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.me mail/password problems?

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Users Reporting Problems Logging Into MobileMe Email As Apple Prepares For iCloud?

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How emails were sent from MobileMe Mail email accounts

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Mac Troubleshooting Mac mail setup

It's my primary email account. Have you tried sending an email to the address?

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I still use my original mac. JimCampbell wrote: Yep.

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Still using my. My day one. I just tried, it bounced. The thread I linked suggested unpaid email accounts were purged when Apple's Internet services went paid. If you sign into iCloud in a browser using the old account credentials, is there a mail option? If you had a working mac. But, I was a poor grad student at the time they started charging. I couldn't see paying Apple for computing resources I got for free through the University. I'm pretty sure that was long before Very annoying! Anything I should do with my 15 year dormant mac.