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When you boot up of the DVD you will pick your language. Then, from the Utilities menu, select Disk Utility. In there select your hard drive HD and use the Erase tab to wipe the drive clean. After you are done, close Disk Utility and continue with the installation from that disk. Since Internet Recovery described below , there is no need for discs, only an internet connection. This works for These are available through Apple, PowerMax, and other sources.

Thankfully, we no longer have to mess with DVD. Select Disk Utility and erase your HD, just as instructed to do in the first section of this article.

How to Erase Delete All information Files and Reinstall OS X in Mac Restore to Factory Settings

I knew exactly what I wanted to upgrade to: With Carbon Copy Cloner , you simply:. You have made an exact copy of your drive to either restore the entire drive and its data to your new Mac, or pick and choose what specific data you want to move to your new Mac. To make the break up between you an your Mac as clean as possible, here are some key services you need to disable. This will remove your Mac from the list of computers and devices authorized to download and play content purchased with your Apple ID. Of course, you will have to sign back in to iTunes on and reauthorize iTunes on each computer.

The following steps will help you wipe the entire drive, and reinstall the operating system. This is where you shut down your computer, package it up with all the cables and any other accessories, and box it up for the new owner.

OS X Recovery - Reset Mac Settings

Great walkthrough, Terrance. I always forget to deauthorize iTunes but this time using your notes I finally remembered. Nice job. I think I must be doing something wrong, I just have to be.


Rebooting a MacBook Pro to Its Factory Settings

Even all the way to the login screen gives me nothing, even after minutes of doing this. I so just want to get to the next step, any help?

Had to find the disk, completed now. You beat me to the punch.

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Glad everything worked out. One question — the buyer of my Air wants me to keep Microsoft Office on it. Is that possible? Thank you! Also, another question — would copying over my full HD, include all my iMessages too? MS Key is yours, you can do what you want with it. If you backup your computer to Apple Time Machine or clone the Hard Drive before wiping and selling it, it will save everything, including messages, and iTunes.

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Good point. Do you have instructions on how to get that cloned HD on my new computer? Also, do you recommend the 8gb RAM over 16gb, and vs. I also have a lot of music and photos, and am thinking of starting a blog. Thanks again! You need a clean not used separate Hard Drive. As far as instructions, there are a ton of YouTube videos out there that will walk you through it, OR Since I do get my consultant on I can do a Hangout with you and walk you through the steps.

My husband backed it up to our shared Toshiba Hard Drive. There were other things on there. I sold my Macbook Air a couple days ago, and just have that backup. Hi I forgot to factory reset my MacBook Pro before selling it.

How To Restore Your Mac To Factory Settings - macReports

I did everything else. Hi, My DVD drive have some problem. Sometime it wont read disk and making noise. I would like to format and reinstall everything. Now I am backing up gb data which I wont use anymore with mac.